Remedial and Sports Massage offers benefits to all groups of people and ages. Specific improvements can be targeted based on your own circumstances.

SBRSMT has helped and restored many clients. For more detail, please see my 'testimonials' page.

Whatever type of job you have or recreation you do, there are benefits for everyone. Listed below are examples of what the different benefits are and how they relate to different occupations ...


      Sports People                                                   Office Workers                                             Post surgery Clients

Prevention of injuries                                        Reduction of muscle tension                            Breaks down scar tissue

Reduced muscle tension                                    Reduction of stress                                         Reduces recovery time

Improved muscle performance                          Improved posture                                           Assists with muscle rehabilitation

Improved muscle tone                                      Less tension headaches                                  Improves range of joint movement

Improved flexibility of muscle fibres                   Improved muscle balance                               Restoration of muscle balance


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